Therapy for Parents

                                                               "Once you become a  Parent, you will Forever be a Worrier" - Dr. Payan 

Being a parent today is not only difficult, but it is also downright stressful.
Not only that, but it can also feel very lonely. Whether you are a single parent or in a happy marriage, there are times that you may feel lost and alone in the parenting journey.

You may feel that you have doubts about the decisions you make;
anxiety when thinking about your child’s future;
you feel worried in your daily life;
your stress is through the roof because there’s never enough time; 
you are always overwhelmed with deadlines and to-do lists;
and you may even feel depressed when those negative thoughts hit you.

BUT, Being a parent does not have to feel like a burden. There will never be a Perfect Parent nor a Perfect Child, and even less, a Perfect Parenting Life. However, there can be Perfect Moments that you cherish and remember the rest of your life. There will undoubtedly be ups and downs but at the end of the day, feel proud of who you are as a parent and forgive yourself if yesterday and today, you were less than Perfect. There will always be NOW, right now, and hopefully tomorrow. 

Dr. Payan is a mother herself (biological and stepmother) to four beautiful children who are not Perfect, give her headaches, make her cry, and worry her every day. She also needs little pick-me-ups from time to time and moments to remember her love for them and how much they need her. Not as a Perfect mother, but exactly as she is and who she is. 

 As a way to support parents, Dr. Payan offers a sliding fee scale just for parents. This service is only conducted through Telehealth for 45 minutes each session for a total of four sessions. These sessions will focus on psychoeducation and helping parents gain more clarity in their parenting skills. Want more sessions and need more help? You can discuss this with the doctor herself once the first four sessions are completed. 

If you feel that Dr. Payan can help you, call 305-972-5564 or send an email to