Self-Esteem Group

Self-esteem describes how the person feels about themselves. This can lead an individual to be very successful in life or struggle achieving life-long goals. And while some may mask the way they feel about themselves better than others, most at some point in their lives question if they are good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or just worthy enough to be loved. These feelings are heightened most throughout adolescence when kids are just learning who they are, what they like, and pushing the boundaries to explore themselves and their independence. It is a myth that boys do not suffer from low self-esteem. They absolutely do; however, they may not speak so freely about it or show it to the outside world. For girls, weight may be a major factor in their overall self-esteem rating.

Dr. Payan has years of experience providing therapy to teenagers who are suffering from low self-esteem stemming from a variety of factors. If your child has said any of the following statements, they may benefit from participating in this Self-esteem Teenage Girls Group.

“I hate that I am so fat!”

“I am too skinny and have skinny legs”

“I can’t do anything right”

“I can’t get that grade because I’m not that smart”

“My boyfriend cheated on me because his new girl is prettier than me”

“No matter what I do I get yelled at”

“No matter what I do I still feel depressed”

"Everyone hates me and no one likes me" 

Why a Group? Either individual or group therapy has been found to be effective. Dr. Payan believes that a group helps these girls see that they are not alone. It helps them connect to one another in a common factor that can be transformed into a more positive look about themselves. It further normalizes these feelings and as each girl helps themselves and each other, they grow in many ways.

Not sure if your daughter should start individual or group therapy? After Dr. Payan completes the intake/initial evaluation, she can offer her clinical judgment on which would be best. She solely makes the determination if group therapy is the right fit for your child; if criteria or is eligibility is met. For more information, you can email us at and state your interest in your child participating in this group.