Family Therapy

Families are as diverse as trees in a forest. Although a tree may belong to the same family (oak trees, pine trees) they are all different. Throughout the years, families have changed more so than ever before due to the rise of technology, economic impact, increased acceptance of a mixture in cultures, high rates of divorce, and the creation of step/blended families, and single-parent homes. Families are struggling; family members are having a hard time connecting with each other in their own homes. This was even more evident when Covid-19 hit and families were forced to spend more time together because where some flourished, others were hit with the harsh reality that they were totally disconnected.

In Family Therapy, all members of the immediate family are included in therapy and not one person is singled out as solely needing therapy. This unison alone creates a sense of togetherness and helps set the first step in bringing harmony and improving all family relationships.

At times, even small changes in the family can help reduce daily conflicts, decrease yelling and holding grudges/anger, and improve communication skills that can lead to happier, easier-to-manage days. Dr. Payan focuses on helping each person have a voice within the family, having the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and non-judgmental environment, and moving the family along by teaching more conflict resolutions and communication skills.