Children and Adolescent Therapy

Therapy with children and adolescents is sometimes needed to help them at this moment in their lives. Some parents may face denial (due to the negative stigma that seeing a psychologist has) and others may not listen to their child's most basic needs, words, or emotions. 

Therapy can sometimes be the difference between helping the child or adolescent through a rough patch in their life or leaving scars in their emotional development.

If your child has a fever, you take him to the doctor. 
If your child needs to learn, you take her to school. 

Seeking therapy for your child should be just as easy. If your child has a behavioral or emotional need, take him/her to a psychologist/therapist. Treatment may be a few sessions, a few months, or if problems are severe enough, maybe a few years. But this cannot be determined until a professional cas assess the child, the family, and the environment in which the child lives. 

In school, they may teach you about math, science, and language arts, but they do not teach essential life skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, interpersonal relationship strategies, self-management, self-regulation, and so on. 

The strategies learned in therapy can last a lifetime.