The Parenting Strong Membership: Strengthening mother-daughter relationships through compassion, understanding, and communication.

Coming Soon!!!

Dr. Payan offers a Monthly Membership to those parents who seem lost, overwhelmed, and are struggling in their relationship with their kids or teenagers. By guiding parents through this difficult journey, Dr. Payan helps parents improve the relationship with their child.

This membership will become a community of parents to share stories and ideas, and find comfort in a community walking a similar path. Parenting can be a difficult road to walk alone but by enrolling in this membership, you can get the support from Dr. Payan and other parents, and go through it together. 

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When can I join?
Dr. Payan will be opening doors to this membership soon. 
Send an email to Dr. Payan @ to get on the waitlist.

How much does it cost?
It costs $27.00, less than a week's worth of Starbucks coffee.

Who can join?
Anyone interested in forming part of a great community, wishing to learn and apply all strategies learned, and those who are looking to enjoy parenthood one day at a time.